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Fusing Digital Video, Photography, SoundScapes, Web                                   With Traditional  Practices                                    A  WAY TO  21st C  ART
ELEMENTS   11/98 - 1/99                                                     Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles
SOLO EXHIBITION   11/95 - 1/96                                            Artopia Gallery, Los Angeles
A WOMAN OF VALOR   5/93 - 7/94                                     Yeshiva University Museum, NYC
Create Your Own
1992 - Present
Our Female Golems
The Protoplasm of Creation
1970s - Present
The Amish  -  A Pastoral Way of Life
Georgica Pond To Cold Spring - North & South Shores
The First Public Land Set Aside In America For Future Generations
Wellspring of American Creativity & Manitou's Resting  Place
The New Frontier
Lynn Small's EarthStains  - 1960's - Present
The Pathways Of Life
Cuernvaca ,1973 -74
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