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During 1973-74, we lived, worked and exhibited in Mexico residing in Cuernavaca, the "city of eternal spring time." Over the years, we have always found that a change in venues has made for an incredibly productive and positive experience. Our arrival in Mexico came shortly after a two-year stay in Spain which opened us up to the possibilities of travel and creating outside of one's usual space. So much influenced us: the indigenous cultures, Mexico City's museums with their vast holdings of both ancient and contemporary art, as well as a receptivity to us as artists and to our work.

While there we produced, individually, the MEXICAN SERIES that takes root in the anthropological figures and deities and the surrounding landscape. The various land formations, colors and textures provided the imagery that was to become, a few years later, the basis for our collaborative work. It was a particularly fertile time in our artistic development and we always look upon that period with great fondness and longing.

A return visit in the Summer of 1996 brought us in contact with several of the leading contemporary artists, gallerists and museum professionals. We felt invigorated by the vitality of the City's international art scene and returned to Los Angeles armed with handmade Amate papers that inspired the SPIRIT GUIDES SERIES - paintings on paper and limited edition handpainted prints that referenced images from Mexico and the Southwest.

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