At Hollyhock House, Barnsdall Art Park - Hollywood, CA LYNN SMALL - I am an art honors graduate of The High School of Music and Art, NYC - the first school in the nation (1936) to provide a free, publicly funded program for students gifted in the arts. It has been replicated in most major cities and has earned an international reputation for excellence. As a Dean's List student at New York University, majoring in painting with a minor in film theory, I studied with such renowned painters as Milton Resnick, Esteban Vicente, Hale Woodruff, John Opper, and Robert Kaupelis, as well as the legendary art historian, Irving Sandler and film critic and theorist, Andrew Sarris and John Gassner respectively.

In the early 1970s, while living and working in Spain, I began work on the Earth Stains series and had a two-person exhibition—the Spanish Series—with my artist husband, Dennis Paul at the USIA Cultural Center, American Embassy, Madrid. This has been an ongoing body of work that has evolved into the collaborative multimedia installations—Earth Elegies. In the mid 1970s, I began a series of anthropological, God-like imagery while Dennis and I lived in Cuernavaca, Mexico. This major body of work would later inspire my current Southwest Spirit Guides series some twenty years later. My Earth Stains paintings and works on paper have evolved into the series—Golden Light and Shimmering Light—part of the individual and collaborative California Coastal UpLift series and in the fall of 2003 while a residency fellow at Yaddo—Autumn Light, Yaddo. In 2004 I was a Finalist for the Gottlieb Foundation Grant and again in 2011, 2013 and 2015. Within the last few years I have begun work on a series of monoprints, which are handpainted and inspired by places of recent travels to California's Sonoma County, the Berkeley/Bay area and Topanga Canyon.

DENNIS PAUL - While I was pursuing graduate studies in psychology at The City University of New York, I began to work at the Pratt Graphic Arts Center in Manhattan. During this period I began to utilize both still and early video cameras in my study of nonverbal communications, group process and the intergenerational transmission of body language. These tools quickly became my brushes—no doubt influenced in part by my many years of watching the women of the Small family create objects of beauty and wonder.

My photographic and video background infused my early teaching career in the South Bronx for the NYC Board of Education. It was then that I created innovative pilot programs for Hispanic children that encompassed art and technology obtaining the necessary support through federal ESEA Title III funds and a material grant from the Polaroid Corporation. Utilizing a 1-inch, closed-circuit television station and art and photographic processes, my nascent program, Language Arts Through Visual Arts, became the seed that the urban educator, Dr. Edythe Gaines utilized to birth the national models now known as RITA—Reading Improvement Through the Arts and AGEArt in General Education.

In addition to my artistic endeavors, I have worked as an educator, arts administrator and continue to do so as an organizational development consultant in the nonprofit and private sectors. In the late 1970s, I established the Development Office at the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs under Commissioner Henry Geldzahler. In 1980, I also created the Development and Fundraising curriculum  for the Post-Graduate Program of Museum Studies at New York University teaching until 1985.

At present I am involved in a number of projects, both individual and collaborative: the regeneration of two series from the 1970s—Love Canal and the Cosmic Mass; the multimedia projects: Voice of the Landscape and Coastal Uplift; as well as a world-wide environmental confessional project StrangeLove, Earthly Sins.

In the mid-1970s, as Fashion Metamorphosis,  Lynn and I were involved in the NYC fashion industry on Seventh Avenue where we incorporated various art techniques into the design of women's apparel. This undertaking represented the earliest of our collaborations and carried over into the creation of a  third artist, which we birthed during our 1978 joint-residency fellowships in painting and photography at Yaddo, a creative community in Saratoga Springs, NY. This third artist, which we exhibit under the moniker, CoLabART - Lynn Small + Dennis Paul [D. PAUL/SMALL] represents a fusion of painting, photography, mixed and new media that incorporates digital processes. In the fall of 2003, we again received joint-residency fellowships to Yaddo in painting, photography and multimedia.

We have lived and exhibited in New York, Europe, Mexico, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The art has been shown in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions. We have lectured at the Museum of the City of Mexico, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California among others and have received various grants, awards and commissions. Our work is represented in public and private collections both in the United States and abroad.






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Everything is two things that converge.
This range of convergence is really the great area of speculation.

—Robert Smithson


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