Public & Private


Arbor Group, New York
Atwater State Bank, Minnesota
Richard Catalano, Greenwich, Connecticut/Stowe, Vermont
Anne Clivot, Paris, France
Moriyah Colaine Singh, Topanga, California
Cull House, Long Island, New York
Patty and Marvin Demoff, Beverly Hills, California
Elisabeth Dudley, Redding, Connecticut
Suzanne and Howard Feldman, New York
Rosi Foster, Zurich, Switzerland
Angela Scalpello and Charles R. Foy, New York
Rabbi Don Goor, Jerusalem, Israel
Charles and Jill Shira Guice, Berkeley, California
Judy and Adam Haut, Far Hills, New Jersey
Rachel and Jonathan Herlands, New York
The Hidden You, New York
Deborah and Jonathan Himmelfarb, Falmouth, Maine
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Michigan
Dr. Roy and Barbara Kaplan, Oakland Hills, California
Suzanne Lewin, Naples, Florida
Rabbi Eli Mallon, New City, New York
Dr. Andrew Seidman and Dina Markson, New York

Rabbi Greg Metzger, Los Angeles, California
Jose Ramirez, Madrid, Spain
Reader’s Digest Collection, New York
Sandra and Mariano Rechy, Mexico City, Mexico
Bonnie and Richard Reiss, Jr., New York/East Hampton, Long Island
Laurie Selik and Eric H. Roth, Los Angeles, California
Sarabeth’s Kitchen, Inc., New York
Helen and Harvey Seslowsky, Red Hook, New York
David Steele, San Francisco, California
Joy and Robert M. Timperio, Indian Wells, California
Harry Wils & Company, Inc., New York