Yeshiva University Museum
Woman of Valor Exhibition
"Aishet Hayil"




An early Landsat satellite image was used as a reference source
to create a large 1978 painting of the Niagara Falls area,
the site of the Love Canal disaster
upon our return to our
Residency Fellowships

It was hung from the ceiling
above the framework
used to create the
Tapestry of Hope

interactive weaving
create by exhibition viewers



Tapestry of Hope

This poem
was written as an invitation
for visitors to be an interactive part of the
Threads That Bind Us

It invited them to participate
in the weaving of a tapestry
while contemplating our
individual responsibility
for the future
well being of the Earth

yumrf-3.jpg (19083 bytes)  

Front Room



Rear Room

yumrr-1.jpg (12223 bytes)


The full body x-ray
was  used as a charting device
to depict the timeframe
of the doubling of the
Earth's population

You can see how close
the bars have become
depicting the rapidity
of this acceleration
at an alarmingly
increasing rate

yumrr-2.jpg (16009 bytes)

yumrr-3.jpg (14056 bytes)

These are images
from our body of work
on the 1978
Love Canal
toxic disaster

They are a reminder
that we are
all married
to the Earth



Intertwined within the fabric


Threads of many colors


Savored for the moment


Our place in the universe


Man is but a strand
in the web of life







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