"The re-emergence of the artists's hand, after years of suppression, is one of the hallmarks of art-world
and art-world influenced photography. This is obvious...in looking at an excellent survey exhibition mounted by
the Bronx Museum of Art and called 'Photo/Start'... the smaller images have compact charms of their own,
especially the collaborative farm scenes of Dennis Paul and Lynn Small..."

Andy Grundberg, Photography View - The New York Times, October 3rd 1982 - Sunday Arts and Leisure


PA Dutch Portfolio






Farm Scenes






"...the art show entitled Pennsylvania Dutch Earth Series, by the New York artists Dennis Paul and Lynn Small
- a collaborative combination of interpretive documentary photography and evocative modernist painting -
presents images of the Amish way of life within the context of contemporary cultural dialogue...
Their concerns are environmental and ecological, as well as aesthetic...
The seamless combination of photographic and painterly processes by which they are rendered
results in a perfectly picturesque presentation of an ethereal experience.
Additionally, the contrast between traditional values and modern culture,
which is implicit in this exhibit, is synthesized into a harmonious aesthetic unity."

Tullio Francesco DeSantis, Arts & Entertainment - Reading Eagle, June 23rd 1985







With Nature's revealed truth 

The magnificence

For all to share

Savored for the moment

Man is but a strand
in the web of life







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