The Art of the Alef-Bet
San Francisco Bureau of Jewish Education
Community Library
January 23rd -- March 19th, 2000

"In preparing for this exhibit I began to research the visual and mystical use of Hebrew letters in sacred texts; this early research gave me only an inkling of the magnitude of this subject. Having been introduced to a new medium by Paul/Small's collaborative works, I realize that when we apply computer technology and imagery to this body of information, we are adding our drop of knowledge, gleaned in our time with our tools, to our ancient tradition, a practice which has a venerable place in Jewish history."

Elayne Grossbard, Curator

Works of other artists in the show

The Jewish people have "always had scribal arts such as ketubot and the Torah...What we have here is modern art playing with the mystical meaning of the letters."

Jonathan Schwartz, Head Librarian - SF Jewish Bulletin - February 4, 2000


The interactive computer program that premiered at

"The Art of the Alef-Bet"

was the heart of a future learning module.


A schematic rendering is the initial vision

for this traveling, educational



Hebrew Letters





Seeking to unite

Thoughts and language

Of one world

One Humanity

Man is but a strand
in the web of life







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D. Paul/Small


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