Before One



Mixed-media Digital Image
LightJet Photograph 1998

Ten Sefirot of Nothingness

Their end is imbedded in their beginning

and their beginning in their end

like a flame in a burning coal

For the Master is singular

He has no second

And before One, what do you count?

Sefer Yetzirah

The Book of Creation



This piece was our first artwork created exclusively with smart sand – initially, it only existed on our site – a digital image file with no physical output. Subsequently, inspired by a collector's request to purchase it and the advancement of computer imaging capabilities, we created the above artwork with high-resolution, digital scans that were outputted using a LightJet 5000 – a printer capable of imaging onto conventional photographic papers and film directly from a digital file.

When creating this image we combined two of the tablets from our LETTERS OF FOUNDATION with a NASA image of the birthing of the Orion Nebula from the Hubble Space Telescope.

The digital dialectic had allowed us to combine the protoplasm of Creation with an image of a new universe being born light years away.

This fusion of processes opens the doors of perception, providing us with an unsurpassed set of new tools a palette of the imagination only a dream a few short years ago.





Intertwined within the fabric

Threads of many colors

Savored for the moment

Our place in the universe

Man is but a strand
in the web of life







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