Fallen Graces

A Sad Day At


One day the colony awoke
to discover a violation
had transpired during the night.

It set a sad tone to say the least.


In troppling the Graces some of the heads had broken off....
as I sleep little and always try to catch the first light
I was the first to discover the vandalism.

It sickened me to see the thoughtlessness and
could only wondered at the perversion
of individuals so disoriented.





Fallen Graces...

During our 1978 Fall residency at Yaddo - the preeminent artist colony
for visual artists, writers and composers in Saratoga Springs, NY - the
idyllic setting was interrupted one night when vandals toppled the statues
of the Graces in the publicly accessible, much-beloved Rose Garden.

This sad occurrence cast a shadow on an otherwise invigorated and productive
moment in our creative lives. In the spirit of overcoming the insensitivity
and thoughtlessness of such an act, use these images to collaborate with us
and weave a more positive alternative positive interpretation.

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