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The more I know of the nature of man, the more I love my dog.
The Great Lafayette, 19th-century English magician


My name is Rosalia Louise and I am a service dog. Yes, I was given a middle name by my artist parents, Lynn Small and Dennis Paul,
often known by CoLabART — their decades-old collaboration born at Yaddo. Now that I am grown — I, too, have become a part of CoLabART.

My first name is in memory of my beloved, maternal grandmother, Rosalie
as well as the 13th-century, Italian Saint Rosalia also known as the Little Saint.

Evidently, like my grandma, she also was much loved by all who knew her.

Now my middle name of Louise pays homage to three innovative and creative women artists of the 20th-century:
the visual artists Louise Bourgeois and Louise Nevelson
and the cinematic artist of the silent-screen era, Louise Brooks.

Although my human parents are New Yorkers, I was born in Los Angeles to Blu, a beautiful pure Havanese
and Striker, an athletic half-Poodle and half-Maltese.

So – I am truly a tribrid, which is pretty unusual and have inherited both good and quirky traits.
That makes me Spanish, Cuban, French and Italian!

I was one of four girls in addition to two boys
and was seen by my folks when I was less than two hours old.
They had waited many years to have a dog and selected me right then and there.

Later, they learned that the black mark on my left rear paw, that they used to identify me,
was called an angel’s kiss.

They visited me every week until I was two months old
and it was time to take me home.

It has been a blessing for all of us
and I am one of the greatest joys in their long life together.

Sometimes an angel but not always!

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