A Palimpsest of Time and Place

Thomas Cole
Painter, Poet, Prophet

Earth Elegies III



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Institutions - Organizations


Metropolitan Museum of Art - Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

National Gallery of Art

Cedar Grove - Thomas Cole National Historic Site

National Park Service

Explore Thomas Cole

Olana -- Frederic Church's Home

Olana -- State Park Historic Site

Hudson River School Art Trail


Wikimedia Commons

Local Projects


Ideas -Technology

Like, Link, Share: How cultural institutions are embracing digital technology

Transforming the Art Museum Experience: Gallery One

Mobile Technology Trends, American Alliance of Museums

Museum Practice - Technology and Digital, Museums Association

Museums Beyond the Web Programme - UKMW 14, Museums Computer Group

Creating the Future: A 2020 Vision and Plan for Library Service in New York State


Press_News Articles - Web Posts - Sites


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What's Your Leisure Identity? Does it Bring You Into Museums?,
Museum 2.0, Nina Simon, 9.09.2009

In Dallas, the Art Is Only Part of the Show, New York Times, 3.14.2010

How Tech Is Changing the Museum Experience , Mashable.com, 9.14.2011

Unleash the Power of Technology: How Museums Can Create Engaging Experiences,
HuffPost - Arts & Culture, 1.30.2012

Local Projects, Wired UK Talk on Technology in Museums, 1.03.2013

Technology That Serves to Enhance, Not Distract, New York Times, 3.20.2013

The Museum of You, Local Projects, TED Talk , 9.2013

Technology in Museums – less is more!, Spiked-Online.com, 12.17.2013

Museums & Technology, Smithsonian American Art Museum - Eye Level, last post, 7.31.2014

Post-web technology: what comes next for museums? - The Guardian, 10.3.2014

Technology in Museums, Pinerset, pins

A Trip to the Museum, Ted Playlist - 6 Talks

Category:Technology Museums in the United States, Wikipedia

The Participatory Museum, Museum 2.0, Simon, Nina, 2010


Museum Research Findings


Ignite The Power Of Art: Advancing Visitor Engagement in Museums, Dallas Museum Of Art, Yale University Press , 2011

Rethinking the Museum Visitor Experience, Dr. John H. Falk, Museumedia.nl, 3.26.2010

Selected List of Published Works by Randi Korn &Associates Staff

Understanding Museum Visitors' Motivations and Learning, Dr. John H. Falk, kulturstyrelsen.dk

Thomas Cole's Writings

On American Scenery

The Lament of the Forest

The Wild

The Storm


Writings of his Contemporaries

William Cullen Bryant

Washington Irving


Additional Readings


Thomas Cole's 1827 Sketchbook
A Look Inside


Audio Clips

Four-Channel [7 minutes]



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