StrangeLove, Earthly Sins
Earth Elegies V



Threads of many colors intertwined within
A complex and diverse tapestry.
Seeking to unite the fabric by inclusiveness,
Vast arrays of shapes and textures, colors and sounds,
Thoughts and language of one World, one Humanity.
It is ours to make a peaceful dwelling place,
Only to be savored for the moment and then passed along
To the next generation of caretakers.
This sacred trust is for all to share
The magnificence of what is before us.
We have reveled in our uniqueness, our place in
The universe for far too long;
With Nature's revealed truth,
Man is but a strand in the web of life.

CoLabART - Lynn Small + Dennis Paul 1993

In some small way,
we trust that this elegy to the
future well being of the Earth
will serve as a shibboleth
and indicate our individual responsibility
as stewards for the generations to come.


And now, in this ever-evolving digital dialectic,
we ask that you create your own
unique poem
as penance for your Earthly Sins.
Please take some time to think of the meanings of these phrases
and contemplate how each one of us is a steward.
n the spirit of collaboration for the Earth's future well-being
we ask that you become a co-creator
using phrases
to create your own statement.
We must never forget that our daily choices are indeed important and ...

Man is but a strand in the web of life

We shall require a substantially new manner
of thinking if mankind is to survive

Albert Einstein


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When we created our ViewArt website in 1994, THE TAPESTRY OF HOPE became one of the first pieces of interactive literature online. The poem was composed for our 1993-94 NYC commissioned, multimedia installation, THE THREADS THAT BIND US - EARTH ELEGIES I. It was written as a collaboration that invited the museum viewer to be a participant. Those who chose to contribute were asked to add their hand by tying a thread onto a tapestry while giving pause to contemplate the future well being of the Earth.

Subsequently, in the spirit of enlarging our collaboration and the interactive nature of our work, we asked visitors to our Los Angeles DIALOGUES WITH THE DEITY - EARTH ELEGIES II solo show to create their own unique statements. The poem was broken up into thirty-two phrases that were then put onto magnetic metallic strips and placed randomly on a lectern. The results varied not only in their expressions but in their physical configurations as well. A sampling of these were documented as part of the evolving process of the installation.

In our 1998-99 installation, IN THE BEGINNING - EARTH ELEGIES III, part of the ELEMENTS exhibition at Frank Lloyd Wright's Barnsdall Art Park, the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, poems written - on site or submitted via the Internet - were printed out and placed within a book -- EVOLUTION: A TAPESTRY OF HOPE over the duration of this new media installation.


StrangeLove, Earthly Sins
Earth Elegies V

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