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Earth Elegies V


A Work-In-Progress

We welcome your input, additional questions, issues to address and any other feedback
you may care to contribute to make this confessional project
as meaningful and multi-cultural as possible.

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Please answer the following questions

Are you a careful consumer?

Yes No

Do you consider the environmental implications before you buy things?

Yes No

Do you look for the energy star label when buying a new appliance?

Yes No

Have you replaced your light bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs)?

Yes No

Do you responsibly set your home thermostat?

Yes No

Are you aware of how your child’s school is handling environmental topics in creating a consciousness of important concepts that will help to produce a more responsible generation of caregivers?

Yes No

If not, do you think that you should get more actively involved?

Yes No

Answer Always/Sometimes/Never

Do you consciously consider your use of water and paper?
Always Sometimes Never

Do you recycle as fully as is possible?
Always Sometimes Never

Do you discard your used batteries in the trash?
Always Sometimes Never

Please Type Your Answer
When do you recall was the earliest recollection of an environmental movement that sought solutions to the persistent pollution that was becoming prevalent in our everyday lives?

As an individual, in awareness and actions, how do you contribute to the future well being of the earth?

Are you currently involved with or lend support to various environmental agencies or organizations that address issues that you care deeply about?

What are you personally doing in terms of educating your child(ren) about the proper treatment and responsibility for an ecologically healthy planet?

Do you think that enough emphasis is being placed on those communities/countries such as the Amish (US), the Balinese and Nepali farmers who live in relatively elemental harmony with the earth to study and gain knowledge of how to achieve a balance of give and take that could be passed on to future societies?

How as an individual can I utilize my skills and contribute to forging a new consciousness among both the developed and underdeveloped nations that would more fully impact mankind in both its personal as well as worldwide understanding of the far-reaching global implications?

As each generation inherits an earth from the one that came before them, are you concerned about and what do you feel we can do for our children and grandchildren – the generations yet to come?

Describe what you consider to be your worst earthly sin committed against the environment.

Your Penance


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