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Michael Brown was instrumental in bringing Love Canal to the publics attention
as a reporter for the local newspaper the Niagara Gazette
and shortly thereafter wrote
LAYING WASTE: The Poisoning of America By Toxic Chemicals

A quote from the book

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Chemicals have pervaded our lives.
We brush our teeth with fluoride compounds, rub on propylene glycol deodorants,
clothe ourselves in rayon and nylon or treated cotton and wool,
drive cars filled with the products of a liver carcinogen called vinyl chloride,
talk on plastic phones, walk on synthetic tiles, live within walls coated with chemical
laden paint.


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Our food, kept fresh in refrigerators by heat-absorbent refrigerants, contains preservatives and chemical additives.
And of course, it has been grown with the aid of chemical fertilizers and insecticides.
The detergents, the medicines, the foam rubber, and the floor cleaners —all had
their underside of waste, about to make a dramatic public re-entry.



Nature was caught off guard, utterly unprepared for this onslaught of artificial elements.
Nowhere in the earth’s crust nor in the ocean was there the capability of disassembling these complex new substances strung together by the ingenuity of man.
Many of the chemicals, sophisticated hydrocarbons such as DDT, were based on long molecular chains solid enough to withstand degradation
by sunlight, dissolution by water, or breakdown by acids, clay minerals, or metal ions.

These chemicals, deadly to the human metabolism,
found the earth and its waters a congenial way station;
and now they remained permanently available
to exact a terrible price for human indifference and greed.

LAYING WASTE: The Poisoning of America By Toxic Chemicals
Michael Brown


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