Voice of the Landscape

Earth Elegies III

T h o m a s C o l e
Painter, Poet, Prophet

From Kaaterskill Falls
to the 21st-Century

CoLabART — Lynn Small + Dennis Paul

An immersive installation that utilizes the new brushes of the digital age
to take America’s sense of place landscape tradition
from its birthplace - Kaaterskill Falls
into the virtual realm.

A transformative visualization of the new century’s
experiential learning potential
through the hybridity of
art and technology.

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Often this work-in-progress - in development for some time - has been enhanced by technology's evolution. From its inception, however, it has always been our desire to seek an expression that speaks to our times - a new 21st-century beginning of America's sense of place tradition. Voice of the Landscape melds digital SoundScapes, video and stills while morphing the more traditional 19th & 20th-century modalities of painting, drawing, and photography.


Thomas Cole's 1827 Sketchbook

The project provides a look inside




           To him in the love of Nature holds
       Communion with her visible forms,
                She speaks a various lanuage;...


                      William Cullen Bryant


It is a subject that to every American ought to be of surpassing interest; ... in the midst of American scenery — it is his own land; its beauty, its magnificence, its sublimity — all are his; and how undeserving of such a birthright, if he can turn towards it an unobserving eye, an unaffected heart!
Thomas Cole. An Essay On American Scenery, 1835


No single channel video can adequately demonstrate the immersive quality of this multimedia installation. Our original SoundScape is a holosonic sound field presented with parabolic SoundSpheres throughout the installation space. The visual field environment morphs with the exhibition space and equipment encompassing multiple wall and floor projections playing simultaneously with additional feeds to monitors. Voice of the Landscape will demonstrate the possibilities inherent in new projection systems as well as the interdisciplinary learning and interactive aspects of digital media modalities.

WebClip [42 seconds]

Four-Channel [7 minutes]

 For further information please contact
artists directly

917.238.7638 — 310.741.0474

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