D i g i t a l   D i a r y   A r t   T o u r
Vol. 1
Issue 1

Introjection: Tony Oursler
Los Angeles CA


This mid-career retrospective, "Introjection: Tony Oursler 1976-1999," provided a comprehensive overview of his various video-projection sculptures, single-channel video and performance works. These pieces are not viewed in the traditional sense of looking at a monitor but rather "speak" to us through inanimate objects in elaborate installations on the walls and floor on topics ranging from environmental and toxicity to media and cultural issues. The effect is a thoroughly engaging one that can be devastatingly direct in their messages, as well as humorous. The term introjection refers to a psychological term for the unconscious assimilation of thoughts and attributes of others. In coming upon these works, one is frequently assaulted audibly by the banter and angry pleas emanating from within a doll-like structure or a disturbing video of the toxic ravaged town of Hopewell, Virginia being projected from within an oil drum. It speaks to us on other levels as witnessed by the apparent fascination, discovery and participation of young children. The survey, organized and curated by Deborah Rothschild, Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, MA traveled to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles from April 2-July 9, 2000.


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