D i g i t a l   D i a r y:
 A Concept Begins
Vol. 1
Issue 1

A New Millennium
Central Park
New York City


One could not help but think that this was how many New Yorkers and others spent the evening 100 years ago as the 20th Century came roaring in...as I stood amongst so many others, I thought of things past, present and future. The new Millennium holds so much promise, anxiety with its ever-increasing rapidity of change. I tried to think of an appropriate undertaking to begin this new moment in time. As I thought of those gathered in Central Park a century ago, images from America's great illustrators flashed in my mind's eye.

At that moment, the Digital Diary was born.

Early the next morning, I returned to the Park pondering this notion of a Digital Diary to record the 21st Century's passing show. In the light of day, it seemed appropriate. The artworld seemed a likely place to start - as artists we like to think that our work transcends our own moment in time.

I trust you will enjoy the show
and know that there are many more to follow.......

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