World Art Day

is celebrated on April 15th
—the birth date of Leonardo Da Vinci
the consummate artist, visionary, inventor and true Renaissance genius

Artists have always been inventors or early adopters of new technologies and thought processes
as they perceive the world around them in broad strokes through enlightened lenses
that easily zoom from micro all the way out to the farthest parts of macro

They often have prescient reflections that impact and
transform the world

Across disciplines and boundaries,
they have the capacity to enhance the human mind and spirit to

Whether one considers Leonardo’s
way before his timeinventions/scientific/architectural constructs
or the painter/educator, first tenured art professor at NYU,

Samuel F. B. Morse
the true creator of the wired world,
which we all have available to us today to change our tomorrows

World Art Day is a brief moment set aside to honor and celebrate the creative spirit within us all

Truly the right day for CoLabART to launch a major 2018 initiative A Strange Kind of Love
to commemorate the 40th—Anniversary of the Love Canal
a toxic disaster that poisoned a Niagara Falls community in 1978
and resulted in the EPA’s establishment of its

With current facts and accurate information,
a country-wide collaborative effort detailing 39 additional
toxic sites augmenting Love Canal
forgotten or unknown by far too many
A Strange Kind of Love
hopes to issue a recall that wakes up America
and the world regarding the dangers lurking in our homes,
backyards, children’s schools, parks, playgrounds and beyond

2014 EPA clean up of Superfund sites = 0.007%

Please participate in the future well-being of our Planet
get involved, do something

As Anton Chekhov declares in
Uncle Vanya

You must do something, you must do something!

• Join a committee

• Suggest a toxic site, teacher, scientist,
government official
or anyone else you feel is relevant

• F
orward this to anyone you know who might care

• simply bookmark our web page below


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